Show Notes

Pam Hill received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology with a minor in Political Science from Dartmouth College in New Hampshire. She went on to receive her master's degree in International Development and Finance from Harvard University in Boston, Massachusetts. Today she is an entrepreneur and CEO of a multi-million-dollar real-estate company, a business and money expert, a former Fortune-500 executive, and founder of My Smart Cousin.  Pam's main goal is to help Black and Brown folks, and especially women, understand their money, increase their accountability and build generational wealth.


Growing up, her mother told her on how she got her interested in math by telling her that people could cheat her out of her allowance otherwise. “Really?!” she said wide-eyed, hugging her cigar-box bank with its cache of pennies, quarters and dimes to my chest. “Really,” she said with finality, plucking a few nickels from the box to show the dastardly ease with which such crimes could be committed. From then on math became Pam's new best friend as she used fingers, toes and everything else to count her haul from flower seed sales in elementary school, candy in junior high and earnings from jobs and businesses. 


For most of us, talking about math is about as much fun as getting our last two teeth pulled.   First, most of the math one need to know to run a business and understand numbers is grade-school math— that’s right, good ol’ fashioned ‘rithmetic. Second, research shows that the anxiety many women and Black and Brown folks have about math is based on society (affectionately known as, The Man) constantly telling us that numbers are just not for us. But research also tells us that women investors and diverse team outperform White-men only teams.

So, take a deep breath, and stick with Pam, because you can do this — you can do the kind of math you need to level-up your entire life.

The biggest recurring theme Pam sees with folks in the six-figure income category is that while they know their way around business and money topics at a high-level (let the choir say, Amen!), we don’t know the ins and outs of our money.  That is, how much money are we keeping of the money that we’re making? Or, how much do we own, really own (read, no credit card or loans on it)? And the reasons are varied, but usually some combination of:

  • We’re scurred: that’s right, quaking-in-our-boots don’t-tell-nobody scurred to see what’s going on with our finances.

  • We don’t know where to start: that’s legit— see above section about The Man holding us down.

  • Our accountant/bookkeeper/financial advisor is handlin’ it: this is the worst of all reasons. Your accountant/bookkeeper/advisor’s job is to put your numbers in a report every week or month. Your job is to open said report (yes, I know, kinda obvious, but I know some of y’all out there don’t do even this much), analyze it, compare it against your financial goals (note, goals are not, ‘I want to be rich’) and build your wealth accordingly.

This is the driving force behind My Smart Cousin. As a money expert and former Chief Financial Officer of a $1 billion company, Pam's goal is to help you cozy-up to your finances, understand exactly what they’re telling you, and develop a business and wealth roadmap based on your numbers, with weekly check-ins, so that you can know your numbers like the boss that you already are in your business and life, and build real wealth.