Show Notes

Lucille Glenn Swain was born on May 27, 1920 in Saluda County, South Carolina. She is the second oldest of nine children (7 girls and 2 boys). When Lucille graduated high school in 1940, she moved to New York. She knew her younger siblings wanted to go to college, but she also knew her parents who were poor farmers, could not do it alone.  Consequently, she convinced her parents to let her go to New York to work and she sent money home to help her family for many, many years; even until her parents death. Lucille has lived in New York for 80 years!!

During her time in New York, Lucille held several jobs. Her first job was to work for a family as the live-in help.  Shortly after that she began working in the Fashion District for the owner of a fur coat store.  On more than one occasion, she was asked to model, but because of distrust of "the fast life" (as she called it), she never took that job. Other jobs Lucille had included working at an undergarment factor and eventually R.C. Green Day Care, where she retired in 1982. 

Lucille met and eventually married Ralph Swain and they had an incredible life until his death in 1994. Lucille loves traveling and over the years have had cruises to the Caribbean Islands, Jamaica, and Mexico.  She has also visited Atlantic City, Hawaii, California, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia--just to name a few.

Lucille is currently the mother of her church, Hebron Baptist Church in Brooklyn, New York as well as one of its original founders.

Lucille is the oldest of three surviving sisters: Gladys, Ruth, and Grace. Though she never had children of her own, her sister Grace's oldest daughter Dr. Wandy Taylor, became her godchild and they are as close as any parent and child could possibly be.  Lucille loves her family and she loves the Lord. Her mantra is to "treat everyone the way you want to be treated."

On May 27j, 2020, Lucille Swain became the first in her family to reach this centenarian milestone.