Show Notes

 Kevin Greene is an artist and graphic designer with much experience in logo design. He is also a published caricaturist and cartoonist. He has crafted logos for many small businesses and individuals and enjoys capturing the essence of a business in one clean, simple design. Kevin Greene was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, and, showing an attribute for art, went to the High School of Art and Design and the School Of Visual Arts, both in Manhattan. He has worked in the art field as a freelance artist and caricaturist and in the apparel industry as a graphic designer. In 2012 he published an art book called Heroes and Villains: The Science Fiction Caricature Art of Kevin Greene, which combines his love of Sci-Fi movies and television with his love of caricature. In 2015 he published a mystery novel called The Swan King, which combined another of Kevin's loves, comic books, with the detective genre. 

In 2020, he published a science fiction book entitled Biko and the Thief And Other Stories, three Afrofuturistic tales set on a starship bound for a new home for Black people.  Lindewe Glover is smart, funny, daring - and a world class thief. But when she attempts to rob the Steven S. Biko - a massive starship bound for a new home for thousands of African-Americans fed up with life on Earth - Lindewe finds that she may have bitten off far more than she can chew. Also included are two more stories set aboard the Biko as it heads towards a new beginning for black people in the unknown of deep space.