Show Notes

Christian Evans is an expert in building successful online businesses that can explode your income and your mindset! Christian has been featured as a guest on numerous nationally known podcasts like Hustle to Freedom, Side Hustle to Small Business & many more! Christian hosts his own podcast Journey with Christian D. Evans in which he interviews and dives into the brilliant minds of experts in their industry!  His mission is to discover and expose secret weapons for which to harness and achieve success and significance within the online space.

He has had the opportunity to network & interview people such as
Tik Tok Influencer phenomenon Heather Hargrove
Boruch Akbosh, Business Growth Strategist for numerous Fortune 500 Companies
Jaris Tucker, Serial Entrepreneur and Owner of  "One on One Consulting"
Brandon, CEO & Owner of Seamless AI, Self-Made Millionaire
Christian came from a very humble background. For most of his early life, he was raised in a divorced home. He overcame sex addiction, lied, and cheated in the past to today is known as having a resourceful impact on people's lives because of the systems and ideas that he has implemented through several successful businesses. Divorce had a huge impact on his life but he believes that it was a part of the reason why and who he has become today. Christian firmly believes that he is on a mission to raise the next generation of LEADERS, both men, and women, who are making both integrity and  Character-Based Decisions.  He is on a mission to train the Next Generation of Leaders   If you always wanted to build a business but didn't know where to start, Christian is the expert, mentor, and go-to guy for helping develop concrete results. 

Prior to becoming successful, Christain spent almost 8 years "finding his way". During those years,  he consumed almost 4,000 hours of Marketing, Business, Sales & Philosophy videos, audio & books. He worked in many different avenues from Financial Services, Direct Sales, Inside Sales, a Business owner of a Beverage Company, and finally now into his latest adventure for which he calls "his passion!

Christian's quotes the following

"DON'T get caught in the INFO Product Circle.... circle of buying all the new info products but still never getting any results for your online business or side hustle! "

"You have two choices in life ..... stay on the path you are on = poor & forever hurting in financial struggle or build a side hustle = freedom, financial stability, security"

"My goal is NOT to change people because we can't, my GOAL is to INSPIRE others to change by living my life to the fullest" 

Christian can be reached on his website at