Show Notes

What do you get when a pastor, military veteran, and business developer join
forces? The answer could very well be the game-changer needed to revitalize a gig economy for millions of creatives whose incomes have been decimated due to COVID-19.
Co-founders Andreas Parsley & Jason Wright has teamed up with Michael Dorsey and a cohort of Black creatives and designers to create LiveWaves, an easy-to-use simple social network platform that allows users to monetize their live streams and communicate with followers, minus the bombardment of ads or having your data collected and sold.

LiveWaves looks to provide buoyancy for millions of creatives in an industry whose negative impact from COVID is eclipsed only by the restaurant and hospitality business. The app serves as an all-in-one solution for users, providing the ability to schedule both pay-per-view virtual events and free events with a tip option that lets fans support artists without leaving the app. Users also have the option to set pricing and limit event tickets as they see fit.

The evolution of LiveWaves has been decade-long labor of love for co-founders Parsley and Wright, former college football teammates turned business partners who created a similar app to LiveWaves called Club2Nite back in 2012. Their journey has been a constant battle against doubt from an industry that has shown little respect and funding for many Black developers. 

This doubt continued to fuel the fire for Parsley and Wright, as they stayed prayerful and became consistent in improving the technology in their app to ensure distinction to their product as revolutionary in how social media is looked at today. “We had ideas and features on our app and website back in 2012, that platforms are just now using, we were truly ahead of our time and people just didn’t see the vision, says Wright. The pandemic allowed
Wright and Parsley, to connect and work alongside Dorsey and the team to rebrand its prior product and launch what we know today as LiveWaves. 

LiveWaves is available today for free through the App Store and Google Play.