Show Notes

Home health aides multi-task.  They are tasked to help patients with personal hygiene, dressing, bathing, just to name a few. They perform basic health care services for patients including checking vital signs or administering prescription medication.  They also help with general light housekeeping and can make transportation arrangements if possible. They are vital in any home where there happens to be a long-term illness.

Dr. Odell Glenn Jr has been a caregiver for 14 years for 2 parents.  At a certain point along his journey, he has found the need to utilize "home health aides" to supplement his journey.  During the podcast, he interviews Ms. Doris Smalls, who has 29 years of experience and happens to currently be one of his mother's home health aides during COVID, and Ms. Shameka Boyd who has 16 years of experience. 

Both home health aides share that this is a profession where it must come from one's heart. From experience, they both share the joy that comes in knowing that they have helped someone else along the way.  They both agree that although the pay is low, the reward at the end of each day speaks for itself.  Both share with us the type of characteristics one must have to embark upon such a profession. 

Mother Glenn gives the audience a prayer.