Show Notes

Dr. Shana Jones grew up in Lexington, South Carolina (just outside of Columbia, South Carolina). She attended Lexington High School, a predominately white high school where she was one of a few African American students. She discusses with the audience her challenges and struggles and how she overcame them early on.  Dr. Shana Jones then went on to study "Biological Sciences" at Clemson University. She then attended and graduated with a medical degree from Emory Univesity in Atlanta, Georgia.  

Dr. Shana Jones educates the audience by explaining the differences between epidemiology and immunology. She also advises youth on how to best prepare for the medical field by preparing early in high school and taking a wide range of courses so that when it comes to going to medical school one can be well versed.  Dr. Jones highly recommends both Clemson Univesity and Emory University as schools to attend. 

Dr. Shana Jones shares how her research has and continues to impact the marginalized of our society. As a community leader, she advises the audience to continue to exercise their right to vote, write to local councilmen so as to ultimately implement change.