Show Notes

Dr. James Granger is a graduate of Howard Medical School in Washington, D.C.  Dr. Granger gives the audience tips to high schoolers and college undergraduate students. Organic chemistry is a very important class to take and understand for medical school. He also emphasizes that it is not necessary to major in pre-medicine to enter into medical school.  Chemical engineering, English, data science, or other majors can get you into medical school as long as the prerequisites are satisfied. 

Dr. Granger has been in practice for over 20 years.  His office is in Marietta, Georgia and his center is entitled "Acupuncture and Injury" which provides high-quality Auto Injury Treatment, independent medical examinations, hormone replacement therapy to patients, and Addiction Treatment to Georgia and the Greater Atlanta area. He emphasizes that process foods continue to make us sick.  Although more expensive, alkaline water is far much better. He asks the questions. Is the tradeoff of being more expensive worth it or later with trips back and forth to the doctor with sugar diabetes?   Whatever your specific need is, he and his team are highly experienced and well-prepared to provide you the care and services that you require. They also work with many chiropractors to make sure your treatment is working effectively.

From injuries caused by auto or work accidents to treatment for opioid dependence is his service specialty.  Dr. James Granger, MD has written two books, “We Have Got It All Wrong!” and “What to do after you have been in a car accident.” Both books are available for purchase on Amazon and in the Apple Book Store.