Show Notes

Dr. Charles Kapungwe is a living, walking example of what dedication, perseverance, will, and drive will do.  He came to the United States from Zambia, Africa to pursue education and now has several degrees, has written several books, and has pastored several churches here in the United States as well as in Africa.  The journey was not the easiest but Dr. Charles gives detailed insight.  A graduate of one of the oldest HBCU's in the USA, namely, Allen University in Columbia, SC. Dr. Charles Kapungwe received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology.  He then went on to obtain his Master of Divinity Degree as well as finished his medical school from the Cayman Islands.  He is a man of many hats.  Doctor, author, and reverend has become such titles.  To this day, he continues to travel to and fro, from the United States to Zambia fulfilling purpose and destiny.