Show Notes

Sylvia Gates was severely injured and rendered paralyzed on the left side at the age of 21 as a result of domestic violence. She defied all expectations and returned to work after a nine-month recuperation period. She worked 22 years as an educator in both public and private schools where she gained professional certification in two states.  Declining health forced her to retire at the age of 45. At the same time, she was an ordained minister serving as a pastor in a major protestant church denomination, while working towards chaplaincy credentials with the Department of Mental Health. Most recently, she successfully fought her battle with cancer through a holistic approach using "GOD'S PLAN" when chemotherapy was too cataclysmic.

Her personal experiences with sickness and tragedy; her age; her knowledge of mental, emotional, and physical health issues all give her valuable insight as she shares the lessons that she learned while going through her struggles. She bought the lessons in her life.  She proclaims that her unwavering faith in Jesus Christ offers credence to her struggle and renders strength to persevere. In her book, she shares her story and the lessons she learned going through trials.